Becoming a KY Master Naturalist Volunteer requires an initial training with 40 hours of combined classroom and field instruction and 40 hours of approved volunteer service.  Currently as of 2021 there are 35 Master Naturalists from the previous pilot program.

To retain certification in each subsequent year, members must complete a minimum of eight hours of advanced training and complete a minimum of 40 hours of approved volunteer service.


Core training to become a Master Naturalist Volunteer covers:

    1. Ecoregions of Kentucky
    2. Ecological Concepts
    3. Archaeology
    4. Geology
    5. Soils
    6. Entomology
    7. Weather and Climate
    8. Water Resources
    9. Botany (Woody)
    10. Safety and Health
    11. Invasive Species
    12. Wildlife
    13. Botany (Herbaceous)
    14. Environmental Education and Ethics
    15. Citizen Science
    16. Outdoor Learning Environments